The Video Browser Showdown uses a server (DRES), which is responsible for two things:

  • presenting all tasks on the projector
  • collecting and evaluating all submissions of the participant’s systems


The DRES Server uses an HTTP protocol for communication with all VBS systems (see Communication with DRES). Every submission is compared against the ground truth (or evaluated by live judges, if there is no ground truth, such as for some AVS tasks).

Please cite corresponding papers when using the server.

Tasks from VBS2018-VBS2024 can be downloaded from this GitHub repository.

Download the entire query set of VBS 2022 (can be imported to DRES).

Download the entire query set of VBS 2021.

For previous participants of VBS 2021, it might be interesting to download the auditlog of the DRES server, which shows exact times of tasks (in CEST). 

Video Browser Showdown - The Video Retrieval Competition