08.02.2024: The System Videos of VBS 2024 have been added.

13.10.2023: The deadline for VBS 2024 has been extended until October 30, 2023

22.07.2023: The CFP for VBS 2024 is available.

18.01.2023: Videos of VBS 2023 Teams and new photos have been added.

05.01.2023: A new page Communication with DRES has been added.

04.01.2023: The list of VBS 2023 Teams and Systems has been added.

17.06.2022: Added information about winners of VBS 2022 as well as the CFP for VBS 2023!

08.04.2022: The list of VBS 2022 Teams and Systems has been added. 

24.01.2022: In accordance with MMM 2022, VBS 2022 will be delayed until June 2022.

20.09.2021: Due to the many requests, the submission deadline for VBS2022 has been extended to September 28, 2021! 

02.09.2021: Submission deadline for VBS2022 has been extended until September 23, 2021!

28.07.2021: The CFP for VBS2022 is available here.

27.07.2021: A video from VBS2021 (with videos of systems/tools) has been added here.

29.01.2021: On the VBS Facts page you can find some interesting details about the VBS.

20.10.2020: Since the conference date of MMM 2021 has moved to June 22-24, 2021, the VBS 2021 will take place on June 22, 2021!

14.01.2020: People from the VBS community are organizing a workshop on „Interactive Multimedia Retrieval“ at ICME 2020. Please consider sending a contribution to this workshop.

09.11.2019: The preliminary program for VBS 2020 is online.

30.09.2019: A new video about the VBS 2019 is available here: http://videolectures.net/multimediamodeling2019_video_browser_highlights/

13.09.2019: A lot of existing analysis data and methods are shared by several teams for your convenience! This includes concept analysis, text and speech analysis, a neural network for detecting shot boundaries, and much more. See ‚Available Analysis Data‘ here. 

07.09.2019: Slides of the Keynote Talk about the Video Browser Showdown, presented by Klaus Schoeffmann at CBMI 2019 are available.

03.05.2019:  Please consider submitting a paper to the 1st International Workshop on Video Retrieval Methods and Their Limits (ViRaL 19) at ICCV 2019! 

16.01.2019: Photo gallery updated, VBS 2019 infos updated

02.09.2018: The paper submission deadline for VBS2019 has been extended to September 17, 2018!

26.07.2018: A video of the ITEC system (used by ITEC1 and ITEC2 in 2018) is available here.

23.07.2018: The HTW team has released an iOS app that integrates their successful color-aranged map and allows you to browse your own pictures with it. Check it out here!

20.03.2018: VBS2019 Call-for-Papers is available.

18.03.2018: Screenshots of VBS2018 Systems have been posted.

04.03.2018: Media in Czech Republic is talking about the Video Browser Showdown.

07.02.2018: Introduction and Results of the VBS2018 are available as slides here.

Video Browser Showdown - The Video Retrieval Competition